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entry sign MEETING

7:00 PM

Open to everyone, learn more about the new entry signs proposed for Cheyenne Ridge.To keep proper social distancing we will be meeting in the driveway. We will discuss which entrance to complete first and how to use the funds moving forward.

Katy Gengler
Cheyenne Ridge Treasurer
405-974-0165 mobile

entry signs

The neighborhood is working to replace the current Cheyenne Ridge entry signs on both the 33rd Street and Bryant Avenue entrances.  

As the most requested item from the Homeowners Association (HOA) now is the time to act.  The HOA board has started gathering some initial designs and quotes, which are between $20,000 and $26,000 for new signs installed on both entrances.  

While this may seem like a large amount,it’s an achievable goal.  Based on past HOA dues participation, if each home gave $200, the goal would be reached. However, we are asking that any amount that you are able to give is considered.  

Let’s all take pride in our neighborhood appearance and give towards our new neighborhood signs!

two ways to give

1) Mail a check to the address listed.  Make the check payable to CRHA and mark in the memo Neighborhood Signs.

CRHA Treasurer
c/o Katy Gengler
1713 Walking Sky Road
Edmond, OK 73013

2) Give with your phone via the Cash App.  Open Cash App and scan the QR on the right or find $CheyenneRidgeEdmond user on the CashApp. If you don’t have the cash app, you can download it free via the AppStore or Google Play store.

more information

For questions, contact:

Kay Gengler
Cheyenne Ridge Treasurer

The amount raised will determine the timing and style of the signs.  Any monies raised above and beyond the cost of the signs will be used for landscaping around the signs.