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Volunteer Opportunities

Cheyenne Ridge currently has several volunteer opportunities.  If you are interested in contributing or have any questions or comments, please EMAIL Margret.

  • Yard of the Week Coordinator
  • Block Captain Coordinators
  • 33rd Street Development Coordinator

The Cheyenne Ridge Homeowners Association (CRHA) is a voluntary association whose purpose is to preserve and enhance the character of the area, to serve as a spokes-group to The City of Edmond, to promote exchange of ideas within the neighborhood related to common interests, to uphold plat restrictions, to encourage and promote safety and property protection, to maintain common properties, and to promote social activities in the neighborhood. Your participation by paying dues and volunteering is vital to this purpose.

Annual Dues

Dues are very important for us to continue maintaining our area and our property values. Water, electricity, mowing, trimming and fertilizing are costly, but we are proud of our appearance, thanks to everyone who pays dues annually. The dues also help with sprinklers, flowers, landscaping, neighborhood events, postage and mailing supplies.

Yearly dues are $65.00, $55.00 for 65 and older.  Download a 2015 Dues Statement.

Neighborhood Map

Download a PDF map:

Cheyenne Ridge Neighborhood MAP

Easter Egg Hunts!

Land Development

Buenos dias, Neighbors!  As most of you have probably noticed by now, there is a new development in progress on the southeast corner of Bryant and 33rd. I have been calling around and speaking with a few people with the city of Edmond and representatives of the most adjacent property, Cheyenne Ridge Villas. I was preparing to attempt a description of our conversations and what it might all mean, but another fellow neighbor of Cheyenne Ridge, Tom Scherm, has been very helpful in asking questions of our city council representative, Darryl Davis and being in communication with other city representatives as well. I am very glad that I will not have to paraphrase or risk misquoting any of our city staff or representatives while attempting to keep Cheyenne Ridge neighbors informed. Therefore, below are messages sent out regarding the development:

Monday, October 7, 2013:  Mr. Scherm:

"Thank you for your note to Councilman Davis and please allow me to respond on behalf of the City. A land disturbance permit was issued a little over a week ago by my office for this project. At this point there is not a violation of the PUD, as the clearing and filling of dirt is consistent with the erosion control plan that was submitted and approved as part of the permit process. Also, the earth disturbance has not created additional runoff up to this point. When I toured the site last week there was still a significant tree buffer remaining between the work site and the houses. At this point it is our understanding that no more trees will be removed until a final site plan is submitted. We will continue to closely monitor the site for compliance with the permit. If the permit is violated then the developer is subject to fine by either the City or the state (ODEQ). The City Council approved this PUD at their March 25th meeting this year, and the minutes of that meeting are attached."

03-25-13 PUD Approval Minutes

10-07-13 Aerial on Wall and Silt Fence

Thanks, Larry Stevens City Manager"

Thank you, Kurt Sampley
President Cheyenne Ridge Homeowners Association
3709 Smoky Hollow Rd.
cell: 405-596-1778

  • EASTER Egg Hunt 2015

    SATURDAY, April 4, 2015, at 10:00 AM.  This is an annual event - always at 10:00 AM the Saturday before Easter, rain or shine.  Everyone is welcome.

  • Neighborhood Patrol

    Cheyenne Ridge Home Owner's Association has a Neighborhood Patrol volunteer program. Please contact David Stapleton to help with this great program!

  • Summer Time Employment?

    Parents - do you have children who will be doing yard work, baby sitting, etc. and are residents of Cheyenne Ridge?  Post a comment here.

  • Garage Sales?

    Post comments here and let us know when and where you are having a GARAGE SALE in Cheyenne Ridge.

  • Summer Work Requests?

    Live in Cheyenne Ridge and have a summer work request?  List your job request here whether it's a need for yard work or odd jobs.


    Contact the Cheyenne Ridge Board Members with questions, concerns or resident issues.  

  • Who Do I Call?

    Phone numbers for the Edmond Police Department, Fire Department. City of Edmond, Public Schools, Utility Services and more . . .

  • Post Thank You Comments Here

    Post your thank you's for neighbors and volunteers here!  Volunteers are welcome and appreciated. Let us know where you are interested in helping!

  • LibertyFest in Edmond

    LibertyFest is a week long celebration of the birthday of this great nation & the heritage of our fine state.  Included is the 4th of July Parade at 9:00 AM in downtown Edmond.  LibertyFest has 11 Festival Events to excite, entertain and dazzle our Festival audience.

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